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A Beginner’s Guide to Comic Books

I’ve accumulated a modest list of my favorite works in recent years—from stand-alones to series, contemporary to science fiction. I hope you find a new favorite among them.

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Bilingual Literature and the Acceptance of Not Understanding

Bilingual literature that embodies a lack of understanding offers a clear benefit to immigrant writers. They are able to express the feelings of alienation and incomprehension that come with relocating to a new country to people who have never had the experience, while simultaneously writing for their community.


His Scaly Self

Gradually, he grew accustomed to his alternate form, to the point that he could forget about it for hours at a time.

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Life on the Water

The morning wind swirled down cool and soft from the mountains, shaking the tops of the short pines on the foothills, stirring the dust at Ignacio’s feet and raising his hopes. He leaned back against the car, black and sleek, borrowed from his brother, and fingered the coins in his pocket.


Harvest day is the most important day of the week.

Versos de mi Alma

I am sitting in my mother’s red Bonneville station wagon. Mamá’s hair is still black and long and flows over the back of the seat.

Coral Street

“Something moved across the street. Between the rows of the first and second floor windows something dark and sinewy slipped from one hidden place to another.”


This is your stage manager. If you haven’t already, please sign in.   My attention flips between the pages of a nearly failed history midterm and the unopened prompt book, today’s bible. I open the binder, and my fingers glide over the script—sound and lighting cues, … Continue reading Cues

Les Chanteurs

“Sometimes, when your windows are open, I hear you singing.”

Last Snowfall

It is Earth’s final snowfall / and everyone is here.


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Talk to Me

The power of interviews is structural: an interview inherently forces you to listen and ask first, before saying anything else.

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Blue Pills as Always

Across this textured face, I count all the bleeding and irritated spots, hooking onto them with my eyes and making sure that each and every unwanted citizen of a pimple on the once-clear expanse of my face is ingrained in my mind.


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