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A Beginner’s Guide to Comic Books

I’ve accumulated a modest list of my favorite works in recent years—from stand-alones to series, contemporary to science fiction. I hope you find a new favorite among them.


The Goes Wrong Show and the Beauty of Failure

Few things have made me laugh as much or as hard as watching these fictional idiots fail at putting on play after play after play. No matter how bad things get, the show must go on, usually into even more ridiculous and mistake-prone territory.

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His Scaly Self

Gradually, he grew accustomed to his alternate form, to the point that he could forget about it for hours at a time.

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Camp City

Camp City, a basti made of tarpaulin tents, was meant to be a temporary address. The government issued your grandparents refugee cards and they believed better days were about to come. Look how that turned out. Even poles of the boundary fence began to rot. Barbed wires sagged from the weight of drying clothes.

Snow Legs

Every morning, we stood beside the frosty appendages, gripping our mugs of coffee, searching for changes. Even when the temperatures fluctuated, the legs didn’t morph or shrink.

What is There Time For

All joking aside, time travel, like breaking up, is something we do to ourselves. It’s effectual. It’s our fault and only our goddamn fault.

Every Room

I try to be your daughter. I try to make you my mother.

A Gallery of Limbs

These images kept breaking in, things about Aubrey he fought so hard not to remember.

Life on the Water

The morning wind swirled down cool and soft from the mountains, shaking the tops of the short pines on the foothills, stirring the dust at Ignacio’s feet and raising his hopes. He leaned back against the car, black and sleek, borrowed from his brother, and…


Harvest day is the most important day of the week.

Versos de mi Alma

I am sitting in my mother’s red Bonneville station wagon. Mamá’s hair is still black and long and flows over the back of the seat.


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Los Globos

I had always thought that words can do anything. Explain and convey every feeling. If there was no word to describe it, it was because you could not find the right one. It was on you, not on the words. It has only been recently that I realized that words can and do fall short.…

Talk to Me

The power of interviews is structural: an interview inherently forces you to listen and ask first, before saying anything else.

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