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Everyday Fairytales: Review of Bluebeard’s First Wife by Seong-nan Ha, translated by Janet Hong

In Bluebeard’s First Wife, Ha explores big cities and small rural towns where ambition, familial responsibilities, and expectations of marriage coalesce to reveal hidden sides to neighbors, wives, and husbands. The ordinary lives of middle class peoples in such cities and towns gain fairy-tale quality as Janet Hong’s translation renders Ha’s uneasy stories with haunting details and precise prose.

The Gender Binary of Directors and Editors: A Retrospective Look into The Twilight Saga

Crisp, icy air fills our lungs, whispering, pulling us inward into the fauna-choked landscape of Forks, Washington. Residing inside this quaint town, someone of equal brilliance: perfectly tousled hair, cold skin, brooding saunter, piercing eyes, and a slightly outdated fashion sense. Sound familiar? We’ve stepped into the glorious world of Twilight filled with fantastical vampires, bloody violence, and of course, romance.

Fitting Rooms

“I heard the sliding door of the bathroom creak before she opened the shower curtain a crack and looked inside. We made eye contact, and I didn’t say anything.”

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