The Berkeley Fiction Review is a forum for short fiction, published annually. We also accept art and photography submissions for publication in our journal year-round. See our Past Issues in the Archive tab for examples of past cover art and interior art. The cover and pieces inside the journal are always printed in color. Unlike the majority of literary journals, we do not charge submission fees in the hopes that we can provide an opportunity for all artists, regardless of economic circumstances. On that note, we now offer a $25 payment for accepted art and continue to offer a complimentary copy of the Issue in which your art appears.

When submitting art, please keep these guidelines in mind:

What we’re looking for

  • Art pieces across all mediums 
  • We look for interesting art that makes viewers feel something, whether it’s joy, happiness, fascination, awe, disgust, or fear.

In the email

  • Please put  “Art Submission: Name, Title” in the subject line
    • For example, Art Submission: John Doe, The Girl in the Pool
  • Art should be attached in a .JPG or .PNG or PDF format.
  • Please include a brief artist statement (no more than 150 words) and contributor’s bio (2-3 sentences) in the third-person for the contributors’ page: who you are, where else you have been published, and any additional information you would like readers to know about you.
  • Artwork can be submitted at any time of year, but decisions will be made in April for the issue published in May. Artwork submitted after April will be considered for the following year.
  • Artwork of any size is fine as long as it can be digitally minimized or enlarged (without loss of quality) to fit within 5 ⅛ inches wide x 8 inches tall. Please submit only artwork intended to be printed.
  • No portfolios, please. Maximum 7 submissions per artist.

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