The following two pieces are part of a four-piece series titled Of the Places We’ll Go.

Death, Then Life, Arami Matevosyan

You never claimed residency on earth. Somehow the idea of mortality was never enough—you wanted to live through the fruits of the next couple centuries, and this notion of life and death did not fit your agenda. You were composed of stardust, no doubt: immortal and ready to burst at any moment. And in your grand scheme of things, you ventured to explain to me that you just wanted to watch people burn the world, all while nestled in your corner of the universe.

image b

Enamored with Glow, Arami Matevosyan

It was your aura that mesmerized me: strong, vibrant, defiant, unwavering.

Absolutely beautiful.

I wanted to chase after you to see where you lead me, but I could never seem to keep up. Terrified of losing sight, I ran into the gnarled roots of your stories and lost myself in the exhilarating glow of your light. I was drunk on your mystery and I never sobered up.

Arami Matevosyan, BFR Staff

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