Issue 7 (1987)

Managing Editors: Shelly Crist, Julia E. Lave

Stories Featured

➢ “Lullaby” by Kelley E. K. Boyd

➢ “Clang Association” by Bill Van Wert

➢ “The Monster Maker” by John Kiefer

➢ “Sway” by Suda Hyme

➢ “Long Distance” by A. Cabrera

➢ “Under the Red Umbrella” by B. S. Jones

➢ “Julia’s Body” by Trishka Munro

➢ “Change is a Penny in My Pocket” by Sharon Bridgforth

➢ “A Spell of Kona Weather” by Sylvia Watanabe

➢ “Bobbing for Apples” by Lauralyn Garfield Hailey

➢ “Graduation” by Maureen Kamiya

➢ “Bedtime Stories” by Judy Warren

Berkeley Fiction Review
c/o ASUC Student Union FMO
432 Eshleman, MC 4500
Berkeley, CA 94720



General / Submissions:

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