Issue 40 (2020)

Cover Art by Kristina Kim

Managing Editors: Regina Lim, Molly Nolan

Stories Featured

  • “Drought” by Tommy Lambert
  • “Behind the Birchwoods” by Mike Yunxuan Li
  • “Please, Be Sensitive” by Mackhai Nguyen
  • “His Scaly Self” by Josef Kuhn|Twitter
  • “Abandoned Things” Kristina Kim

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
“Spent” by Meagan Johanson|Twitter

Second Place
“How to Ask Your White Teacher for a Letter of Recommendation” by Doris W. Cheng|WebsiteTwitter

Third Place
“Shirt” by Christine Vines

Honorable Mentions
“The Smell of Dirt” by Elodie Townsend|Instagram
“Fitting Rooms” by Sarena Kuhn|TwitterInstagram

Artists Featured

  • Martin’s foot walked out the door by Layla Chamberlin
  • The World’s Forgotten Boy by Silas Plum
  • Broken Teacup by Tajae Keith
  • Annotation and Sudden Fiction by Julia Jin
  • Cover Art and Nursery by Kristina Kim

Berkeley Fiction Review
c/o ASUC Student Union FMO
432 Eshleman, MC 4500
Berkeley, CA 94720



General / Submissions:

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