Issue 33 (2013)

“This year’s collection of stories has taken on the world.”

Managing Editors: Tessa Gregory, Eva Nierenberg, Christian White

Stories Featured

➢ “A Good Seat” by Jason Howell

➢ “But a Moment” by Megan Scott

➢ “Conditioning a Wolf” by Dusty Cooper

➢ “Help (Un)Wanted” by Megan Scott

➢ “iWarriors” by Frank Scozzari

➢ “Minor Tragedies” by Shelby Goddard

➢ “Small Sad Souls” by Elizabeth Tarver

➢ “Smudges” by Ian Denning

➢ “Some Uncharted Territory” by Halley Fehner

➢ “The Bar Stool Spinner” by Ethan Joella

➢ “The Crazy Ones” by Olivia Kate Cerrone

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
➢ “The Diagnosis” by Sierra Senzaki

Second Place
➢ “Shades” by Deborah Coffin

Third Place
➢ “Grownup for a Day” by Madison Crystal

Berkeley Fiction Review
c/o ASUC Student Union FMO
432 Eshleman, MC 4500
Berkeley, CA 94720



General / Submissions:

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