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Issue 29 (2009)

Managing Editors: Malia Linda Javier, Rhoda Piland

Stories Featured

➢ “Desktop Dating” by Mark Fellin

➢ “Cerberus Sleeps” by BK Loren

➢ “Let’s Take a Bath Together” by Sam Pink

➢ “Woman with Umbrella” by Mark Broeske

➢ “Unnatural” by Aimee Pogson

➢ “Bomb” by Patrick Hicks

➢ “Seahawks” by Greg Pierce

➢ “No Fun Anymore” by Jennifer Fawkes

➢ “Fortified” by Randy Schmidt

➢ “Ice Cream” by Todd Whaley

➢ “Three Problems with the Fat Girl” by Laura Norton Raines

➢ “The End of Everything Good” by Martin Slag

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
➢ “So Lucky” by Liz Moody

Second Place
➢ “Special Soap” by Jim Bainbridge

Third Place
➢ “Of Peculiarities and Cookies” by RJ Carter

Berkeley Fiction Review
c/o ASUC Student Union FMO
432 Eshleman, MC 4500
Berkeley, CA 94720



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