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Issue 17 (1997)

Managing Editor: Daphne Young

Featuring: An early work by international award-winning Colombian writer Álvaro Mutis

Stories Featured

➢ “So Much a Circle” by Michael Stockham

➢ “Fellow Feelings” by Daniel Scott

➢ “Still” by Vicky Anderson

➢ “Octavia” by Craig Lauer

➢ “You Don’t Need a Quarter” by Jimmy J. Pack Jr.

➢ “Rain” by Bridget Hoida

➢ “Venice” by Ellery Washington C.

➢ “One-Panel Poems” by Charles Ellik

➢ “Before the Cock Crows” by Álvaro Mutis

➢ “This is to Notify You that the Records of the Above Named Veteran are Complete” by Cassandra Gainer

➢ “Mergeform” by Trevor Perrin

➢ “Central Meridian” by José Alaniz

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
➢ “The New Victorians” by Kolin J. M. Ohi

Second Place
➢ “Cats in Their Summer Dresses” by Mary McDermott

Third Place
➢ “to contend with spirits” by Linda Walters-Page

Honorable Mentions
➢ “Nothing Beyond” by Alana Ryan

➢ “Spilled Milk” by Gregory Chaimov

➢ “Cha Cha” by Chris Eberhard

➢ “Hiding His Weeds” by Michael Propsom

Berkeley Fiction Review
c/o ASUC Student Union FMO
432 Eshleman, MC 4500
Berkeley, CA 94720



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