Issue 2 & 3 (1982)

Managing Editors: Jenne Mowry, Joe Sciallo

Stories Featured

➢ “On the Ground” by Eva Konrad

➢ “The Quiet Daughter” by Gerardo Lopez

➢ “Light as Seeds” by Marilyn Clark

➢ “The Earth is Round” by Peter Bischel  (translated by Steven Murray)

➢ “In Braxton” by Paul Wedderien

➢ “Japanese Vase” by Valerie Miner

➢ “Rain” by Liam Lockhart

➢ “The World of Consequences” by Joe Sciallo

➢ “A Nice Place to Visit” by Ellen Akins

➢ “Voice” by Barry Warren

➢ “Like Strangers” by Alisa J. Golden

➢ “Grey Morning” by Julia Littleton

➢ “Fade to White” by Terrence Gee

➢ “Please, Dear Sister, Do Not Be Alarmed” by Malcolm Waugh

➢ “The Swimming Pool” by Tamsen Armstrong

➢ “Caretaker” by Mark Palmer

➢ “A Minor Miracle” by Charlie MacDonald

➢ “Remorse” by Michael Moore

➢ “From Afar” by Marian Tregor

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