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Issue 35 (2015)

“This year’s collection is a testament to the humanity of fiction.”

Managing Editors: Lauren Cooper, Lisa Jenkins, Miranda King, Kelsey Nolan

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Stories Featured

➢ “Erased” by Brittany Foley

➢ “The Hanging of Miguel Delgado” by Barbara Yost

➢ “On Belay” by Tricia Dowcett-Bettencourt

➢ “A Solitary Ugly Squirrel” by William Mark Habeeb

➢ “Thug Love Story” by Nick Katsafanas

➢ “Nothing Will Move Us” by Andrew Ellis Bates

➢ “Manly” by Jeremy Gluck

➢ “Pastel Arbors” by Remy Merritt

➢ “Sister Alma’s Divine Revelation” by Amy Yolanda Castillo

➢ “Succor” by Scott David

➢ “Marmite and Mango Chutney” by Amita Murray

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
➢ “The Early Departure of Cameron Bailey” by Aaron Sommers

Second Place
➢ “Where Have All the Boys Gone?” by Kathleen Lane

Third Place
➢ “5150” by Mallory McMahon

Honorable Mentions
➢ “Your Tragedy is Important to Us” by Ryan Habermeyer
➢ “Vacate” by Georgia Peppé
➢ “Ballerina” by Leidy Nallely Villarreal Salazar

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