Issue 1 (1981)

Managing Editors: Julia Littleton, Jenne Mowry, Joe Sciallo, Paul Wedderein

Featuring: First Issue of Berkeley Fiction Review!

Stories Featured

➢ “The Fanatic Plays on Muted Strings” by Gregor Krause

➢ “Job’s Lane Deli” by Marian Treger

➢ “Biscuit Car” by C.J.S. Wallia

➢ “Gettin’ Over” by Rick Holtzman

➢ “Moving Men” by Julia Littleton

➢ “The Fever” by Jeff Knight

➢ “Occidental” by Jenne Mowry

➢ “A Hot Day” by Joe Sciallo

➢ “Leap of Faith” by Rhona Klein

➢ “The Mechanism” by Richard Flood

➢ “Directions” by Heather Campbell

➢ “Facts” by Mike Moore

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