Issue 42 (2022)

Cover Art by Kristina Kim

Managing Editors: Aaron Saliman, Julia Cheunkarndee, Isabel Hinchliff, Liam Magee

Stories Featured

  • “Les Chanteurs” by Michele Alba
  • “Cues” by Frannie Dove
  • “Coral Street” by Elias Leake Quinn
  • “Versos de mi Alma” by Joseph R. Garrett
  • “Homestead” by Sarena Kuhn
  • “Life on the Water” by Margaret Lent
  • “A Gallery of Limbs” by K. James D’Agostino

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
“Camp City” by Torsa Ghosal

Second Place
“Snow Legs” by Abbie Barker

Third Place
“What Is There Time For” by E.P. Tuazon

Honorable Mention
“Every Room” by Miceala Morano

Artists Featured

  • Cover Art by Kristina Kim
  • Neighbors by Ara Cho
  • Red Light by Julia Jin
  • Coral Street by Charlotte Bunney
  • Versos de mi Alma: The Voices are Being Heard by Siwen Zhang
  • Recluse by Viet Nguyen
  • Take Us to The Ruins by Danielle Tran
  • Sudden Fiction Cover by Urvashi
  • Fallen Leaves by Tannya Tang

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