Issue 41 (2021)

Cover Art by Kristina Kim

Managing Editors: Regina Lim, Alex Jiménez, Madelyn Peterson, Aaron Saliman

Stories Featured

  • “The Gallery” by Finnegan Shepard
  • “Penis Candles” by Deborah Daniel Shea
  • “Haiyang” by K-Ming Chang
  • “I, Iris” by Kimberly Y. Liu
  • “Pillow Practice” by Annie Williams
  • “Haunted Home” by Conrad Loyer
  • “Remainder” by Emily Dezurick-Badran

Sudden Fiction Contest Winners

First Place
“Auteur Theory” by Yasmeen Khan

Second Place
“Pizza Talk” by Gabrielle McAree

Third Place
“Last Snowfall” by Cora Ballek

Honorable Mention
“The Drive to the Crematorium” by Isabella Tong

Artists Featured

  • Cover Art by Kristina Kim
  • The Masterpiece by Amy Santa Maria
  • Penis Candles by Julia Jin
  • Regarding the Sea by Mikaela Kristianous
  • Mindless Eye by Amy-Grace Ratanapratum
  • Pillow Practice by Charlotte Bunney
  • Ocean Dance by Sam Hsieh
  • Alchemy by C.R. Resetarits
  • Sudden Fiction by Yasmeen Abedifard

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Berkeley, CA 94720



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